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Own Your Conversations: Communication Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward Faster

is one of the absolute most effective & fastest ways


 from the meetings & conversations you lead.


I’m so excited to share my brand new program, Own Your Conversations, with you.

With cutting edge content & super-convenient delivery it’s designed for today’s modern leader. 

For you.

So let’s take a moment to get real.

Life is happening one conversation at a time. 

We get our words. We get our actions.

One. Conversation. At. A. Time.

It’s fundamental. But not always easy.

Let me ask you: Have you had a conversation in the last twelve months you’d like to redo?

Yes? Well, great news – you’re human!

We all say things we regret, or we think of the perfect comeback… six hours too late.

Sometimes we leave a conversation feeling undermined, condescended to or downright powerless and angry. It’s frustrating, sometimes even mind-numbing. 

Which makes it so much sweeter when the critical conversation we’re anxious about goes really well - when that tough conversation we feared yields a really positive result. In these moments we experience a natural high. It feels good to navigate our way through a difficult conversation 

and come out the other side. Alive. 

This program is designed to do one thing:

help you Own Your Conversations.

What if you could start each and every day with a confident smile... KNOWING every meeting & every conversation inside your company today is going to ignite an ‘a-ha,’ yield profitable results and drive your business forward faster?

Guess what: you can.

And if you’ve been looking for a fresh, straightforward, brilliant way to better lead, inspire and engage your people so you can meet & exceed the results you desire... 

a few tweaks to your conversations will change your culture & your enterprise forever.

There are four core sessions of Own Your Conversations: Communication Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward Faster curriculum. Each of the four learning sessions in my Own Your Conversations program is designed to focus on one critical area of your business. Check out all details below so you can make sure this program is right for you.

Session 1 – Conversations with Your Team

Session 2 – Conversations with Your Future

Session 3 – Conversations with Your Customers & Prospects

Session 4 – Conversations with Yourself

Each Session Includes:

  •  1 LIVE 60-Minute Webinar Hosted by AmyK

  • 1 Comprehensive Playbook of Tools & Technique

  • Participation in My Facebook Insiders Group
    [BIG BONUS! - Real Consulting in Real Time!]

You’ll love my LIVE webinars because my high energy, expertise & passion for teaching leaders shines through in each one of them. AND... you get the time-saving ease of participating at your desk or in your bunny slippers. Envision this program as educational, inspirational, entertaining, innovative and practical… and as convenient as the click of a button.

This program has been created for YOU. All of the supporting resources in each session are designed to help you integrate and apply what you learn to your own business & communication needs. When you join the Own Your Conversations program you will quickly realize that I am all about practical application…putting the tools into use for your immediate results.

I want you to be successful! That’s a leader’s #1 job - set your peeps up for success. And I practice what I preach. So you’ll also get an additional two full weeks of implementation support via the Facebook Insiders Group following the fourth and final webinar. These two additional weeks are designed to give you a chance to catch up on the training, reflect, ask me questions and take action.

Once the initial 4 weeks are complete and all content has been released, you’ll have access to the entire library of training materials inside the member portal and you can revisit, review and download these resources as often as you like for the rest of 2018. That’s right… you can access these materials all year long.

You’re probably wondering what exactly I’m sharing and how it will specifically help you. 

Here are the nuggets of the curriculum I’ve created to help leaders like you confidently prepare and execute their most crucial conversations to get more profitable outcomes.

Session 1 – Conversations with Your Team

Every transformational, visionary leader possesses strong communication skills. In Session 1 we focus on how you harness the collective intelligence of your team members to increase their engagement, buy-in and commitment to meeting & exceeding the goals of your [and now their] vision. Got a team member that just ain’t on board? No more! And bonus, I’ll share a tool that ensures accountability is not perceived as a four-letter word.

What you get:

  • The #1 Most Important Tool for Every Team Meeting
  • The 2 Critical Elements Leaders Must “Psychologically Sell” Each & Every Day
  • The 3 Most Awesome Responses for Dealing with a Difficult Team Member
  • The 3 Most Important Conversations Leaders MUST Have to Drive a Healthy, High-Performing Culture
  • The 6 Questions That Can Influence & Foster Productive Behaviors in 45 Minutes

In this session, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make sure you facilitate highly-engaged meetings, avoid costly time wasters and optimize your time & energy and that of your team’s to ensure everyone is problem-solving productively and making brilliant decisions.

Session 2 – Conversations with Your Future

Want to be relevant...tomorrow? Effective communication & collaboration is a must in today’s world...especially when it comes to innovation. Plus, it’s a proven strategy for creativity and maintaining your competitive advantages. In this session, you’ll develop techniques to connect ideas amongst cross-functional teams for better problem-solving and for taking your best ideas to market – fast!

What you get:

  • How to Position Teams to Turn Disruption & Change into Competitive Advantages
  • The #1 Exercise to Ensure Your Team Can Best Capitalize on Shifts & Trends
  • A Tried, Tested and Proven Creativity & Innovation Model
  • The 3 SMALL, BUT MIGHTY words that Ignite Your Company’s Innovation Engine
  • The #1 Most Important Conversation Before You Go to Market to Ensure Customers Buy

If you’ve ever wondered about how the most creative & innovative companies keep capitalizing on disruption & trends and how you can too, you’ll love this session.

Session 3 – Conversations with Your Customers & Prospects

New business development can be one of the most frustrating aspects of business, especially when sales are down. In this session you’ll learn how to strategically and intelligently prepare for conversations with your prospects, the importance of mini-must-wins for closing deals faster and how to leverage the power of challenging your prospects so they realize they can’t experience growth without you.

What you get:

  • The #1 Most Effective Sales Conversation Framework
  • The 3 Best Questions to Close Faster
  • 4 Elements Your Elevator “Pitch” Should NOT Include
  • 4 Elements Your Elevator “Connect” MUST Include
  • How to Handle an Objection So It’s Just an Opening to Close
  • 8 Magical Words You Need to Hear to Close the Deal [BONUS]

You’ll also learn the right (and wrong) way to create thirsty customers (both inside & outside of your company) so you can grow faster. By the end of this session, you’ll have an arsenal of sales communication strategies to generate ongoing, high-quality, committed partnerships.

Session 4 – Conversations with Yourself

It’s all about you. Not sure? Go grab a mirror. Yep, that’s you! The key that separates great leaders from brilliant ones is self-awareness. In this session, we’re tuning into the conversations you have with me, myself and I. You’ll learn a simple yet highly profound method for changing the limiting stories in your head. Plus, I’m sharing: the two limiting fears every leader faces and four of the biggest secrets leaders keep that prevent them from experiencing greater career success.

What you get:

  • #1 Tool for HOW to Change Your Attitude, Thoughts & Stories (My Most Favorite Self-Awareness Tool EVER)
  • 2 of the Biggest Fears Every Leader Faces & How to Overcome Them
  • 4 of the Biggest Secrets Leaders Keep & How to Move Through Them
  • How to Challenge & Break-Through Your Limiting Beliefs to Reach Your Highest Potential

I’ll be taking a deep dive into emotional intelligence so you can begin to master self-awareness and the internal dialogue that drives your reactions, actions and results. By the completion of this session, you’ll know how to shift your thinking & better manage your emotions so you can change your behaviors and reap the rewards of more successful interpersonal and intrapersonal conversations.

Who else wants to be a kick-ass communicator and get brilliant results?


includes innovative, online teaching for your breakthrough results!

• Four 60-Minute LIVE Webinars Taught by Me [AmyK]

These webinars are filled with proven tools you can immediately start using to be a more brilliant communicator & leader – the type of communicator folks yearn to listen to and follow. Each webinar is designed to educate, entertain and inspire you to play bigger, better & bolder.

• Four Playbooks

Each session’s playbook is filled with proven communication tools and techniques to help you seamlessly facilitate your most critical conversations. Super comprehensive. Super helpful. These Playbooks support your application of the tools & techniques you’re learning. 

Facebook Insiders Group Membership  [BONUS]

Your exclusive membership includes access to my coaching & consulting insights with respect to your biggest [and smallest too], real-time communication questions, challenges & opportunities for up to six weeks for this specific program.* [see below]

* Why do you get access to me for up to six weeks if this is only a four week course? Well… it depends on the date you register for the program. Perhaps you take action today, thereby smartly gaining access to the Facebook Insiders Community up to 1 week before the first live webinar even starts. I’m too excited to wait, so I start sharing my energetic mojo early! Think of it as the tailgate party before the big game. Additionally, the Facebook Insiders Community remains active for this Own Your Conversations program for two weeks post the last webinar. It’s open until June 7, 2018. Yes, we’re getting through this… together! 

A few more HIGHLIGHTS of what you’ll get from the overall program:

The phrases every leader cannot live without when it comes to dealing with a difficult dude or dude-ette. 
[We are not gender biased when it comes to someone being high-maintenance.]

  • Templates and frameworks with instructions for guiding your responses and posing questions that increase  engagement & accountability in your team members.

  • How, specifically, to manage-up, sideways, down or internally and still own the conversation.

  • The indispensable jiu-jitsu trick for stopping a self-defeating story in its tracks. [One of my all-time favorite tools because it is profoundly helpful!]

  • The #1 most effective conversation framework for co-creating the future. [This means getting to “yes!” faster so you can close the deal sooner. You’re welcome.]

  • The little-known secrets that can tangibly unlock your own leadership potential.

  • The three small, yet most mighty, words to jumpstart your innovation conversations.

  • The #1 most important technique a leader can bring to each & every conversation.

  • Typical, schmaltzy coaching tools.

  • Stories of unrealistic “Utopian” leaders who magically figured it all out.

  • Un-actionable theory.

Receiving concrete takeaways, suggested scripts & phrases {swipe files}, meeting frameworks and conversation guidelines you can immediately use to drive better results in your business, no matter whether you’re leading a team of two or two-thousand. 

Plus, I’ll walk you through examples of leaders who are using these strategies in real time to create real results. 

This program is for go-getters, action-takers and leaders who are serious about improving 

their results: One. Conversation. At. A. Time. If you’re new to your leadership role and want to increase your skillset fast, or, you’ve been at this “leadership thing” for a few years, or possibly even a few decades, and you’re itching to make an exponential leap in the “it’s gotta get easier” category, save your seat now.

Those who are easily offended by being asked to think or roll up their sleeves. This program requires both brain & brawns, meaning, you have to be willing to test the tools. You’ll think about where best to apply them, you’ll put them into action, you’ll modify them for additional scenarios & conversations and you’ll insert your own tone & tenor. Then everyone will be amazed and positively influenced by your kick-ass communication skills! Unwilling to think, work and practice? This program is NOT for you. 

  • Unique, competitive advantages in your communication skills by knowing exactly what to ask and how to frame conversations to increase engagement & buy-in individual & team meetings.

  • Healthy dialogue & debate frameworks for 3 challenging topics that when successfully navigated yield dynamic, engaged healthy team cultures.

  • Effortless responses to difficult team members so you can retain your power & mojo. [aka: not lose your gasket or tear your hair out].

  • Facilitated meeting frameworks designed to increase your team members’ accountability so they can set, meet & exceed action oriented goals.

  • The ability to maximize & leverage your own strengths and close the gap quickly on your communication skill needs as you accelerate your leadership learning curve.

  • Masterful techniques for navigating your way through the critical conversations that drive your business forward faster so you can skyrocket your profitability.

Just click here and we’ll walk through this leadership journey together.


Of course you are… so we answered the most frequently asked questions.

Everything is 100% Online.

The entire program is based online so you can participate from home or work. All program materials, including 4 LIVE 60-minute webinars with tool laden Own Your Conversations Playbooks, webinar transcripts, and additional resources are housed within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow leaders, moi - AmyK, and the AmyK Team in our private Facebook Insiders Group.

Registration begins April 25th. Registration ends May 2nd. First LIVE Webinar is on May 3rd. 

Access to me, AmyK, via the Facebook Insiders Group is available until June 7th. 

Access to course material is available for all of 2018.

I encourage you to register as early as possible because our onboarding experience includes foundational pieces to help you get the most out of the program. You’ll get the Welcome Insiders video and the first Playbook right away. All of these resources are designed to help you get clear, focused and ready to ignite brilliance in your upcoming critical conversations. 

Webinars are Recorded

Life is full. I get it. If you miss a LIVE webinar the recording will be uploaded to the portal - ready & waiting for you - at your convenience. Transcripts too.

Spring 2018 Schedule

April 25th – Own Your Conversations Facebook Insiders Group Opens

May 2nd –   Registration Closes 

May 3rd –    Session #1 LIVE Webinar: Conversations with Your Team

May 10th –  Session #2 LIVE Webinar: Conversations with Your Future

May 17th –  Session #3 LIVE Webinar: Conversations with Your Customers & Prospects

May 18th – FAST ACTION LIVE BONUS WEBINAR: Managing Up [Must register by April 27th at 11:59pm PDT] 

May 24th –  Session #4 LIVE Webinar: Conversations with Yourself

June 7th –   Own Your Conversations Facebook Insiders Group Closes

*All LIVE webinars begin at 9am Pacific Daylight Time

Time & Energy Invested

2-3 hours per week is the guesstimated amount of time you’ll put in for a high ROI. We recommend between 2-3 hours per week to participate in the live 60-minute webinar, apply the tools to your real-life needs and — if you’d like — engage with me, AmyK, the AmyK Team and your fellow leaders in our Facebook Insiders Group.

Facebook Insiders Group

The Facebook Insiders Group is a positive, supportive, brilliant group of people dedicated to successful conversations - especially yours!

You’re about to join one of the most brilliant leadership development communities. Yep, we’re biased. ;-) In our private, members only Facebook Insiders Group you can share ideas, get feedback and connect with other leaders so it feels a lot less lonely at the top. Trust us… your “secret” challenges and opportunities are not so secret. Naturally, the more focus and dedication you put into the Own Your Conversations program the more you’ll get out of it. Once you register and join you’ll have immediate guidance and support from me and like-minded leaders in a safe and encouraging environment.

You’ll have communication wisdom and a breadth of perspectives at your fingertips. The Facebook Insiders Group will be open from April 25th through June 7th, 2018 – up to six weeks of coaching, consulting and support for you!

Direct Access to Team AmyK for Tech Support

Your care and satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, email and we’ll take care of you.


Own Your Conversations: Communication Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward Faster is intense and challenging. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results. Being a brilliant, kick-ass leader, the kind folks really want to listen to and follow, requires enormous commitment, courage and focus. Most of all, it requires consistent action and a willingness to be open-minded, coachable and invest in your own learning curve.

We so believe in our tools & techniques that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

100%. That’s right, 100%. 

BUT - I want to explain, very clearly, how it works. You ONLY get a 100% refund if you request it before Session #2. For example, you register today and get immediate access to the private Facebook Insiders Group. You start asking me your questions in real time, experience Session #1, receive all the tools from Session #1 and if this ain’t your thing, no harm, no foul. We get it. This program demands work, it’s going to challenge you to think, to change your behaviors, to up the ante in your communication skillset and that’s not everybody’s thing. You will need to send us an email by midnight PDT, May 9, 2018 requesting to stop your participation in the program [before Session #2] and we will give you a 100% refund.  Guaranteed.  

All BONUSES (except Facebook Insiders Group) are accessible AFTER Session #2 is delivered.

So let me share now, if you’re not willing to implement the tools as we go, if you’re not willing to do the work by implementing the scripts & frameworks, and completing the exercises so you can immediately see that they work amazingly well - then please don’t sign up. This may just not be for you. And that’s absolutely okay. 

On the flip side, if you desire results now, if you’re ready to dive in and become a brilliant, more effective communicator then we’re ready too. So excited!

You might be wondering...

“Who the heck is AmyK and what qualifies her to mess 

with my thinking and communication skills as a leader?!” 

Brilliant question.

I’m an Amazon Best-Selling Author. 

I'm a Cool Aunt. 

I'm also a Professional, International-Award-Winning Speaker. A Biz-Strategist. A Brain Geek. An Irreverent, 

Kick-Ass Facilitator & Trainer. And a Business Owner.

I’m AmyK. 

And I know how you can communicate more effectively and Own Your Conversations.

For over twenty-five years I’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of executives. I frequently entered upon the scene when they were struggling to get their people aligned & moving forward faster, or sometimes they were just struggling with how best to avoid the unintended pitfalls of rapid growth. 

I created my IGNITE BRILLIANCE programs to help them cross these challenges off their list.

I’ve got street-cred, a graduate-degree, a bestselling book, a famous magazine that appreciates my thought leadership, some international awards and impressive job titles I’ve collected over the years. I could recite you my resume, but it’s so much easier for you to just ask me if you’re curious about exactly where I went to school and exactly where my journey took me. More importantly, I’m passionate about thinking. I’m passionate about teaching others how to maximize their talents and gifts in this world…one conversation at a time.

At the end of the day it’s pretty simple.

I believe in helping leaders be Brilliant in Business and Happy in Life.

It would be pure joy to have you join me so we can partner and ignite brilliance together.

The World Needs Your Brilliant Leadership. It really does.

On behalf of myself, our team and our entire IGNITE BRILLIANCE community, 

we sincerely hope to have the honor and privilege of collaborating with you 

in our newest online program...

Own Your Conversations:

Communication Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward Faster.


[$9,482 Value]

You'll get access to all 4 LIVE Webinar Sessions, each of the 4 comprehensive Playbooks, the Facebook Insiders Group and the BONUS tools I'm sharing to help you better navigate critical conversations with confidence.

In just 4 weeks you will be in possession of some of the most brilliant scripts, phrases and frameworks to help you better lead conversations with your direct reports, your boss, your colleagues, your customers & prospects and even that difficult person you dread dealing with 

most days. You'll have a unique, competitive advantage in your communication skills by knowing exactly how to navigate your way through the critical conversations that drive your business forward faster so you can skyrocket your profitability. 

• Four 60-Minute LIVE Webinars Taught by Me [AmyK]  [$3,997 Value]

• Four Comprehensive Playbooks  [$397 Value]

FAST ACTION BONUS - Managing Up Tool & Additional LIVE Webinar  [$1097 Value]

Critical conversations with bosses are necessary, but not always easy. Initiating a critical conversation with a supervisor can lead to ideal outcomes such as a promotion, increased salary, respect, more authority. But… if not handled well, a critical conversation gone awry can lead to seriously uncomfortable interactions, high-levels of awkward interactions, disrespect or a strong desire to find another job.  Emerging from critical conversations with a boss, board member or supervisor unscathed (maybe even smiling) requires four brilliant strategies before the conversation even begins. I'll share these 4 strategies along with more tips, techniques and scripts for handling our most difficult conversations. You know...the sibling in the family business that doesn't pull his or her weight, the customer that drains you of your energy and profits...yep, it'll be candid, real and helpful! [Shared after Session #2.]



Your exclusive membership includes access to my coaching & consulting insights with respect to your biggest [and smallest too], real-time communication questions, challenges & opportunities for up to six weeks for this specific program. 

Participate as much as you desire. We're here for you!

• Romantic Conversations - What to Text to Ignite the Fire for Women

• Romantic Conversations - What to Text to Ignite the Fire for Men      [$497 Value ] 

Life Happens One Conversation at a Time. It’s no different when it comes to our personal life and texting. Learn how to place a little appreciation, respect, energy - and romance - into your texts and reap the rewards in your relationships. Two fun & highly effective tools! They might even make you blush...and that's a good thing! [Shared after Session #2.]

8 Magical Words      [$497 Value ] 

Have you ever been sitting on the edge of your seat, whether it be face-to-face or on the phone, hoping, praying, strategizing, that after all your hard labor and hours spent hunting down your ideal woolly mammoth (prospect) you hear that beautiful sweet sound, “let’s do this” fall from his or her lips?!  It can totally happen! And there are eight magical words you always want to hear to KNOW you are about to close the deal.

In this awesome BONUS l'll show you EXACTLY how to get your prospect to say them.

You’ll learn advanced selling strategies that your competitors WISH they had when they last spoke to YOUR woolly mammoth. [Shared after Session #2.]

Facebook Insiders Group [$2,997 Value]

Total VALUE of over $9,400!

However, my goal is to make this program extremely accessible to you today. 

I want to help you better navigate these critical conversations so we can all enjoy the journey more.

I'm excited to extend a special opportunity to enroll in

Own Your Conversations: Communication Techniques to Drive Your Business Forward Faster


at the special price of just...

We accept major international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal (For USD transactions only).


One last thing…


I’ve been partnering with kick-ass leaders long enough to say that being a successful, brilliant leader does not happen by accident. Nor is it just about working “harder” or “demanding more.”

The key is training yourself to focus on the critical few things that really move the needle and your peeps — while ignoring the vortex of shiny objects and ego-based metrics most people chase.


Hope to see you online and in our Facebook Insiders Group. It's ready and waiting for you!

Your information is 100% secure. We do not share it.

Registration closes May 2nd